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Image Building an Arlington for Everyone: Urban Institute

An Urban Institute interview with Anne Vor der Bruegge, Arlington Community Foundation’s Director of Grants and Initiatives

Arlington Community Foundation believes the primary benefit we can provide is in our role as convener, connector and, in some cases, driver – bringing all sectors together to prioritize community issues, use data and relationships to identify opportunities for impact, and organize financial and other resources to promote equity and well-being for all of our neighbors. We also believe the affordability crisis and rapid displacement experienced by our low-income residents are the greatest threats to Arlington’s long-term viability.

We would like to share with you a recent Urban Institute blog that highlights some of our efforts to shine a light on these issues.

Arlington Community Foundation’s leadership role in addressing the precipitous loss of deeply affordable housing, childcare, and other resources geared toward inclusion of low-income residents has critical long-term implications. We see this as both a moral and an economic mandate. Every dollar raised and invested in our work now will come back to this community’s most vulnerable and to our overall community many times over.

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