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Youth & Education

Arlington Community Foundation hosts a number of funds and initiatives that support our local students, teachers, and school programs.

Over $5 million to local students attending college

“When I received the scholarship, I cried. It meant an open door and new opportunities. I felt supported by my community.”

Enji Tuvshinzaya, former recipient

Arlington Community Foundation has a well-established Annual Scholarship Program that in 2023 awarded over $700,000 in scholarships to 102 new students, with a total of 222 recipients including renewal scholarships.
In the past decade, Arlington Community Foundation has awarded more than $5 million to Arlington students attending college. Generous individuals, families, companies and organizations fund the scholarships, which have their own unique eligibility criteria. If you are an individual or with a company that might be interested in starting a scholarship fund, please send us an email at any time.


11 scholarship recipients tell us what it means to them in this video.

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An Optometry Officer and a Gentleman
John’s scholarship empowers Arlington students to proudly check “yes” when asked about LGBTQ+ involvement.
“I believe in encouraging leadership at a young age. And having spent 20 wonderful years in Arlington, I want to maintain my connection to it and give back to it.”
Dr. John Whitener
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Honoring Braylon’s life and legacy
In the wake of their son’s tragic death, Kris and Rose established three scholarships to reflect Braylon’s greatest passions.
“A lesson that’s come out of this is just how much he touched others’ lives. And if we can lift up three other teenagers each year, then we can do more to sustain his legacy than we could have ever hoped to do.”
Kris Meade
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Four Recipients Share Stories and Inspiration
More significant than the awards themselves are the incredible students who have received them. Meet four who shared their stories.
“You are deserving and worthy – don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Take this scholarship as an opportunity to do the unimaginable.”
Javier Ernesto Perez
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Finding Strength in Challenges
Tony Young was a lifelong disability advocate. After he passed, his wife Kathy Cameron started a scholarship fund in his name. Zoè Davis is the 2022 recipient.
“This scholarship validates my voice – disabled-LGBTQ+ voices – and I hope to pay it forward as I make my way in the world.”
Zoè Davis
The Arlington Youth Philanthropy Initiative (AYPI)

“As youth, we can build a sustainable future: a mission that AYPI constantly strives toward.”

Amina Luvsanchultem, former AYPI Chair

The core of the Arlington Youth Philanthropy Initiative (AYPI) is a Youth Board of students from area high schools who are committed to making a difference in Arlington.

These teens recruit and mentor peers to develop sustainable ventures that make a positive impact. The AYPI Youth Board makes decisions on grants to fund these youth-initiated projects and works to preserve and grow the Fund for Youth Philanthropy.

Previous projects include a student podcast about racial equity, a charity fashion show, and refurbishing old computers to teach others about technology.

STEAM Workforce Development Teacher Fellowships

“My Fellowship was the type of experience that has spurred me to more action, and to better action.”

Andrew Bridges, 2021 STEM Fellow

The STEAM (formerly STEM) Workforce Development Teacher Fellowship provides Arlington Public Schools high school, middle school, and elementary school teachers with opportunities to learn about work place needs in STEAM-related fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math) and for them to use the experience to enhance student learning to match workplace expectations in a selected industry. STEAM Fellows participate in a three-week summer fellowship, receiving up to $4,000 stipend upon completion.

2023 is the first year to include “Arts.” Applicants planning to pursue a fellowship in the arts must demonstrate how they will build connections between the arts and science, technology, engineering, or mathematics. The summer application window period recently closed, and updates on this year’s STEAM Fellows will be provided in the early fall.

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Equity in After School Programs

“No matter the activity, students are using this fund and these moments to find and do what they love.”

Jenn Owens, ACF President & CEO

It is well-documented that students who participate in after-school activities have higher grades, are more engaged, and are better connected with both the school and the community.

Engaging kids early through after-school programming also keeps kids interested in school, allows for the development of mentorships, and helps build students’ self-confidence. These are some of the many reasons why Arlington Community Foundation and the Arlington Sports Foundation are teaming up to raise funds to offset the cost of after-school programming in the eight Title 1 elementary schools in Arlington County: Abingdon, Barcroft, Barrett, Campbell, Carlin Springs, Drew, Hoffman-Boston, and Randolph.

John Foti
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