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2022 Poverty Information in Arlington

The New statistics on poverty in Arlington

The federal poverty level is a relic set in the 1960s based predominantly on food costs. It does not take into account other costs such as housing, child care, and health care. Here are the newest figures on poverty in Arlington.

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Barcroft Apartments Redevelopment: Opportunities, Challenges, Takeaways

Barcroft Apartments: An opportunity to keep Arlington inclusive

Market dynamics and the scale of the site create considerable challenges for achieving the promised continuation of residency for all current tenants moving forward.

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152 Barcroft Elementary students get after-school support


It is well-documented that students who participate in after-school activities have higher grades, are more engaged, and feel belonging.

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May 2022 Professional Advisor News: QCDs, NIMCRUTs, and Expectations

May 2022 Professional Advisor News

This month, our newsletter is focused on tax and legal matters. We know that potential legislative changes like the Secure Act 2.0, charitable giving vehicles, and even cautionary tales.

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Professional Advisor News: April 2022

Professional advisor news

Changing landscapes and priorities in charitable giving, SECURE Act 2.0, budgetary mixed bags, and more.

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6 Big Moments in 2021

6 moments from 2021

Thanks to your continued support, these moments (and many others) have primed 2022 to be a year of collaborative, compassionate, community-building work.

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A year-end letter from our CEO

jenn year-end letter

Today, as we yet again see COVID cases rising and recovery efforts slowed by uncertainty, this year’s Nonprofit Wish Catalog has a whole new level of significance and urgency for me.

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Examples of Our Policy Work

Policy work

Policy analysis and advocacy is a vital piece in our commitment to mitigating the displacement of low-income residents in Arlington.

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2021 Spirit of Community

2021 Spirit of Community

Videos from the 28th annual Spirit of Community Awards: celebrating extraordinary Arlingtonians

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Safety Net Report promo kit

Safety Net Report

As a key partner and friend, you can play an important role in amplifying the report’s findings.

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2021 Arlington Safety Net Report

2021 Safety Net Arlington Report

Highlighting the experiences of 21 Arlington nonprofits who have partnered closely to address the historic challenges of 2020-2021

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Outside the box: Legacy combinations you might overlook

Pet Trust

The Community Foundation is happy to help structure a hybrid gift in which a personal component is paired with a charitable component.

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2021 Spirit of Community: Celebrating extraordinary Arlingtonians

Spirit of Community

The annual Spirit of Community awards celebration is a unique event that attracts hundreds of attendees from all sectors of the Arlington community.

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Tips and talking points for “giving while living”

lifetime giving

Do not only consider the benefits of building philanthropic components into estate plans for distribution after death, but also consider how meaningful gifts can be made during a lifetime.

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ACF scholarship recipients share stories, hope, and inspiration

You are deserving and worthy.

“When I received the scholarship, I cried. It meant an open door and new opportunities. I felt supported by my community.”

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Building an Arlington for Everyone: Urban Institute

Urban Institute Blog

An Urban Institute interview with Anne Vor der Bruegge, Arlington Community Foundation’s Director of Grants and Initiatives

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Charities and cryptocurrency: Gifts are on the rise

crytocurrency and charity

As cryptocurrencies’ profiles rise in the marketplace, people are likely to begin asking questions about the possibility of using cryptocurrency holdings as part of their charitable giving plans.

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Powerful IRA giving and legacy planning tools

designated funds

Designated funds and field-of-interest funds may not always be top of mind when you are developing philanthropy plans for your clients and their families, but they are extremely valuable tools.

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2021 Spirit of Community Award: Nominations are now open

Spirit of Community Award Call for Nominations

Arlington’s premier community change-maker award. Submit your nomination(s) by July 2.

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What qualifies? Sorting through 501(c) jargon

sorting through jargon

When tax season rolls around each spring, a new crop of questions may arise concerning clients’ gifts to various organizations.

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