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September 2023: Advisor News

Smart disaster giving, appreciated stock, and supporting charities through the sale of a business

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Nonprofit News: September 2023

4 tips to help streamline efforts to secure future support organizations and conversation starters with donors about tax reform

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Mirrored Stories: Dimple Dhabalia’s Legacy of Healing

Dimple Dhabalia

Through a legacy fund, one humanitarian’s commitment to nourishment, mental health, and well-being will endure far beyond her lifetime.

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Dana Laidhold, Nancy McEldowney, and Carmen Oviedo join Board of Trustees

new board members

These new board members bring highly distinguished and diverse perspectives in business, finance, and community impact to the work of the Community Foundation at an exciting time in its evolution.

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July ’23 Advisor News: DAF Power, AI, and Summer Reading

To help you prepare for your clients’ questions when they return after summer holidays and travels, we’re sharing insights on a few topics that may be top of mind.

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From Algorithms to Altruism: Ryan Brown’s Path to Estate Planning

Ryan Brown

“When it comes to estate planning, it’s the quality of life for the people you leave behind that keeps clients up at night.”

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New Reports on 30% AMI Housing Affordability Pilots

In 2020, Arlington Community Foundation two small pilot projects focused on reducing the cost of housing for 30% AMI renter households.

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June 2023 Professional Advisor News: Touching base with clients

Memorial Day has come and gone, and for many, “summer mode” is in full swing. We’re excited to reconnect with our advisor friends. We hope the summer provides some time for relaxation as well as thoughtful planning.

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2023 Status Report: Affordable Child Care in Arlington

Affordable child care in Arlington

More than ever, the lack of affordable child care in Arlington is putting our lowest income neighbors in an impossible bind. Our goal with this status update is to re-energize the work and efforts toward affordability.

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A Match Made in Arlington: Marymount and ACF

Marymount University

Marymount offers up to a $3,000 match for Arlington students who receive an ACF scholarship and choose to attend Marymount.

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Braylon Meade Memorial Scholarship: His Life and Legacy

Braylon Meade Memorial Scholarship

“A lesson that’s come out of this is just how much he touched others’ lives. And if we can lift up three other teenagers each year, then we can do more to sustain his legacy than we could have ever hoped to do.”

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Dr. John Whitener: An Optometry Officer and a Gentleman

Dr. John Whitener

Sixty years ago, John checked “no” when asked about “homosexual tendencies.” Today, John’s scholarship empowers Arlington students to proudly check “yes” when asked about LGBTQ+ involvement.

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The Power of Printers and Instant Pots: Extraordinary in the “Ordinary”

Doorways and ECDC

Sometimes extraordinary impact is made in the most “ordinary” of ways.

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7 Big Moments in 2022: Celebrations, Legacies, and Community

Image showing highlights in 2022

$600K in scholarships, living legacies, celebrations, STEM Fellows, and more, make 2022 a year for the books!

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October 2022 Professional Advisor News

October 2022 Professional Advisor News

As we begin the 4th quarter, we are beginning to field more questions about charitable giving and year-end tax planning. We are always happy to join you for “lay of the land” conversations.

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Love, Legislation, and Legacy: Jeanne and Joe

Jeanne and Joe

For Jeanne and Joe, their top priority is “for the fund to support programs and policies that ensure safe, stable, affordable housing where Arlington seniors can thrive.” 

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Arlington’s Guarantee One Year Anniversary Panel Talk

Register for the Arlingtons Guarantee 1 year anniversary webinar

Tuesday, September 13 at 11 AM, hear from our team and partners about the progress of our guaranteed income pilot, hear about participants’ experiences so far, and more.

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August 2022 Professional Advisor News

August 2022 PA News

This month we’re featuring important reminders about bequests, legislative updates, a look ahead to 2026, and food for thought as you build client plans.

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July 2022 Professional Advisor News: Millennial Giving, SECURE 2.0, and More

July 2022 Professional Advisor News

Tax planning strategies for your younger clients, benefits of collaborating with the Community Foundation, and a quick reminder of why the SECURE 2.0 Act is on our radar.

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Arlington Students Making a Difference: Scholarship and Philanthropy Stories

Finding strength in challenges, youth philanthropy, equity in after-school programs, and celebrating scholars.

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