Rising Tide in Arlington Can Lift Us All

It is our job to work together to ensure that our community’s rising tide lifts us all.

A community’s strength is built on the network of people who call it home. In Arlington, we are fortunate to live among neighbors who are generous, empathetic, and committed to the quality of life for all who live in our 26 square miles. Creating a sense of belonging is both critical to our personal happiness and necessary for our personal and community prosperity.

Arlington is in the midst of rapid change and growth, which makes holding on to a sense of belonging more difficult, more urgent, and more worthwhile. We honor the community’s efforts over the past few years to shine a light on the disparities that exist from one neighborhood to the next within our compact community. Social and economic mobility are dependent on income, food security, housing stability, health care access, childcare, and education.

It is our job to work together to ensure that our community’s rising tide lifts us all. We are also committed to elevating and weaving together the work being done in our community to bring attention to our disparities and implement solutions.

This newsletter highlights our efforts to improve access to opportunity for low-income Arlingtonians. To truly belong, everyone needs supportive social networks and economic opportunity. In particular, our Shared Prosperity Initiative brings together businesses, government, and nonprofits in new ways to keep our low-income neighbors from being forced out of our County as affordability pressures mount.

Arlington County’s adopted vision is “a diverse and inclusive world-class urban community…where people unite to form a…sustainable community in which each person is important.” Through our funds, our community initiatives, and our grants and scholarships, Arlington Community Foundation is committed to supporting a sense of belonging that aligns with this vision. We invite you to join us in this fight for the future of Arlington that will make us all proud to call this our home.

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