VCS Cancer Foundation

EIN: 82-5047980

Mission Statement

A cancer diagnosis affects every part of a person’s life and can bring with it physical, emotional and financial stress. The VCS Cancer Foundation provides supportive services to cancer patients in Northern Virginia. 

Our mission is to reduce cancer patients’ emotional stress and enhance their well-being by providing needed financial assistance and other support so they may focus on their treatment and recovery.

Program Summary

Our Rainy Day Gift program provides financial assistance to Northern Virginia cancer patients who are struggling to pay for their everyday living expenses while in treatment. The goal of this program is to alleviate their financial strain and the emotional stress that accompanies it. We help them pay for non-medical expenses such as rent, utility bills and groceries. Instead of worrying about their mounting expenses, we want them to focus on what’s most important–their health and treatment.

Our Comfort and Companionship program provides support to cancer patients in select infusion centers in Arlington and Fairfax counties. The goal of this program is to brighten what may otherwise be a stressful treatment day. Our volunteers spend time with patients and their caregivers, alleviating their emotional stress and offering hope and encouragement. A warm smile, enthusiastic listening ear and friendly conversation go a long way to raising patients’ spirits. Our volunteers also serve beverages and snacks, providing a connection with patients who delightedly receive them.

Impact Statement

Cancer treatment is expensive; even for those with “good” insurance, co-payments, deductibles, and uncovered expenses can put significant strain on their household’s budget. This can lead to psychological stress for patients at what is already one of the most stressful times of their lives. Through our Rainy Day Gift program, we have helped hundreds of cancer patients pay for their everyday living expenses, providing some stress relief for those feeling overwhelmed. The impact of this program is best illustrated in the words of our Rainy Day Gift recipients:

“I have received the Giant gift cards and I really appreciate it. This gift means I am not alone in this battle with cancer and I am really glad that this gift will help me to provide for my family.”

” Your gift came at a great time and we really needed it. We were able to use it for things we couldn’t afford and pay for necessities. Your Rainy Day fund takes a little pressure off our financial difficulties and gives us peace of mind.”

“Thank you for allowing me to get my cell phone paid. I’m so grateful. This has taken a lot of stress off my mind.”

What ways can the public get involved?

We gratefully welcome monetary donations to support our Rainy Day Gift and Comfort and Companionship programs. 

We have volunteer opportunities with our Comfort and Companionship program. Interested individuals can send an email to:

How are charitable dollars spent? Where does my donation go?

Donations are primarily used to fund our Rainy Day Gift program, which currently provides each qualified cancer patient with $500 in financial assistance.

A small portion of donations is used to support our Comfort and Companionship program. Funds are used in volunteer screening to pay for criminal background checks in order to ensure the safety of patients interacting with our volunteers. Donations are also used to purchase snacks for patients.

Information provided March 2024