The Marjorie Hughes Fund

EIN: 54-1610490

Mission Statement

The Marjorie F. Hughes Fund for Children promotes the health and well-being of Arlington Public School students through the thoughtful collaboration with public health nurses, APS staff, and community organizations. The fund provides financial resources to support the health care needs of uninsured and underinsured students.

We envision a community of Arlington Public Schools students in which their health outcomes are not impacted by their income level and insurance status.

Program Summary

The Marjorie F. Hughes Fund for Children is a 501(c)(3) organization founded in 1992 to honor the work of public health physician Marjorie F. Hughes. Dr. Hughes dedicated her career to working with public school students in Arlington, Virginia, and to addressing the health needs of underserved children.

The Marjorie Hughes Fund is made up of Public Health School Nurses, School Health Aides, Arlington Public Schools (APS) staff, and community stakeholders including pediatric office staff, dental providers, family shelter coordinators, and mental health providers. We work together to help uninsured and underinsured students obtain needed medications and vaccines, cover doctor visit fees, pay for dental treatments, and receive other necessary medical care.

The Marjorie Hughes Fund assists Arlington Public Schools children with medical expenses as well as partnering with local organizations such as Doorways and VHC Pediatrics to provide additional medical and mental health assistance to children in need.

Impact Statement

The Marjorie Hughes Fund offers up to $300 per student per year for medical expenses, and up to $500 per student per year for dental expenses, to students who qualify as low income and uninsured or underinsured. Thus far in the 2023-24 school year, The Marjorie Hughes Fund has provided almost $10,000 to more than 120 uninsured or underinsured students to obtain school entry physical exams, vaccines, urgent care visits, dental care, necessary vaccines, wheelchairs and medical equipment, etc. These students are now able to be in school, healthy and learning.

What ways can the public get involved?

Please donate to help Arlington County Public Schools students in need! Spread the word to friends, neighbors, and families about the good work that we do. We also welcome community volunteers in areas such as fundraising, social media, and non-profit management.

How are charitable dollars spent? Where does my donation go?

The Marjorie Hughes Fund is an all-volunteer organization with minimal overhead.

$79 provides an eye exam and two pairs of glasses

$99 pays for a required school entry physical exam

Any amount can help to keep a student in school, healthy and learning!

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Information provided January 2024