Spread The Vote + Project ID

EIN: 81-5308494

Mission Statement

A real democracy cannot flourish unless all of its citizens have full access to the rights and privilege of their citizenship. By helping the citizens and residents of the United States obtain the IDs they need to attain jobs, housing, health care, voting, and more, we build a society in which every human has an equal opportunity to achieve.

Program Summary

We help people obtain state IDs and all documents required to obtain those IDs, including birth certificates, marriage records, etc. We provide the funds for the documents and IDs, transportation to the DMV, and anything else needed to get an ID in the hands of our clients. 

Impact Statement

To date we have helped more than 1500 people obtain IDs in Virginia, more than 800 of those in Arlington. We have been working consistently in Arlington since 2017 and are deeply committed to the community and our clients. 

What ways can the public get involved?

We always welcome volunteers! All of our volunteers who work in Arlington live in Arlington and always welcome new members of the team. We also accept donations of funds as well as goods for our clients and partners.

If you are interested, email volunteers@spreadthevote.org.

How are charitable dollars spent? Where does my donation go?

IDs cost an average of $40 each, donations go mainly to IDs and the documents required to obtain IDs (ex. birth certificate costs start at $20 and increase significantly depending on the state). The average ID cost in Virginia is $28.

Photo of Spread the vote volunteers tabling.

Information provided April 2024