Specially Adapted Resource Clubs (SPARC)

EIN: 20-5513060

Mission Statement

SPARC’s mission is to provide adults with severe and multiple disabilities enduring learning opportunities, social connections, and a rightful and meaningful place in our community.

Program Summary

SPARC is a therapeutic day program.  Program specialists are trained in a combination of behavioral techniques, awareness, and ability to act on various medical diagnoses. These specialists provide systematic processes that utilize recreation and other activities as interventions to address the assessed needs of SPARC participants with respect to psychological and physical health, recovery, and wellbeing.

The SPARC curriculum is rooted in therapeutic recreation principles that consist of continued education/leisure learning, skill building, exercise, excursions, cooking, music art, lectures, discussion groups, and much more.

Impact Statement

SPARC has several positive outcomes:

  • Socialization: SPARC provides opportunities for individuals to interact with peers, staff, and volunteers, fostering social connections and reducing feelings of loneliness.
  • Skill development: SPARC offers various activities that help individuals develop new skills, such as communication, vocational, and daily living skills, enhancing their independence and confidence.
  • Sense of belonging: Participation in group activities and events at SPARC creates a sense of belonging and community among participants, leading to increased self-esteem and well-being.
  • Emotional support: participants receive emotional support from staff and peers, which help them cope with challenges and improve their overall mental health.
  • Physical health benefits: SPARC incorporates physical activities and exercise routines tailored to participants’ abilities, promoting physical health and well-being.
  • Respite for caregivers: SPARC not only benefits the participants but also provide respite for caregivers, allowing them time for other responsibilities or self-care.
  • Community integration: By participating in community outings and events organized by SPARC participants engage with the broader community, promoting understanding and acceptance.

Overall, SPARC plays a crucial role in enhancing social inclusion, improving quality of life, and fostering independence among participants.

What ways can the public get involved?

SPARC offers many ways that the public can become involved including:

Volunteer Opportunities:

  • Direct Support: Volunteers can assist with day-to-day activities within the program, such as assisting participants with cooking classes, arts and crafts, recreational activities, and outings. SPARC welcomes speakers on a variety of topics such as emergency preparedness, weather, black history month, space exploration, sports and much more.
  • Skill-based Volunteering: Professionals or individuals with specific skills (e.g., art, music, therapy, etc.) can volunteer their expertise to conduct workshops or sessions tailored to the needs and interests of the participants.
  • Administrative Support: Volunteers can assist with administrative tasks such as answering phones, data entry, filing, and organizing events.
  • Transportation: Providing transportation services for participants to and from the program can be a valuable way to support the organization.

Donation Opportunities:

  • Financial Contributions: Monetary donations are always appreciated to cover operational expenses, purchase equipment, fund special programs, and expand services.
  • In-kind Donations: Donating goods and services can be just as valuable as monetary contributions. This can include items such as art supplies, games, equipment for recreational activities, or even office supplies.
  • Sponsorship: Individuals or businesses can sponsor specific events, programs, or initiatives within the organization. SPARC hosts a pancake breakfast in June and a gala in November.
  • Legacy Giving: Leaving a legacy gift in your will or estate plan is another way to support the organization and ensure its sustainability for future generations.

Advocacy and Awareness:

  • Spread awareness about SPARC’s mission and programs within your community through social media, word of mouth, or organizing fundraising events.
  • Advocate for policies and initiatives that support individuals with disabilities and their families at local, state, and national levels.

How are charitable dollars spent? Where does my donation go?

With an administrative rate of only 4 percent, most of the donations received by SPARC directly support its programs, with only a small portion going towards administrative expenses. This allocation ensures that the majority of the funds donated are used to benefit the organization’s mission, such as employing program specialists, providing art supplies, assistive technology, and field trips. This efficient use of resources likely helps SPARC maximize its impact and fulfill its objectives effectively.

Information provided April 2024