Rosie Riveters

EIN: 47-4710197

Mission Statement

Inspiring girls from diverse backgrounds in STEM with interactive, fun and challenging programs that foster a growth mindset and build confidence through productive struggle.

Ultimately our goal is to close the gender gap in the STEM and manufacturing workforce, particularly for under represented groups.

Program Summary

Rosie Riveters’ programs are designed to cultivate confidence, adaptability, and a readiness for diverse and dynamic careers in STEM, ensuring participants are prepared to navigate the exciting changes within these fields. They include:

  • Rosie Labs: Integrated into the school day, this program connects traditional education with hands-on, real-world STEM applications, providing equitable opportunities for students of all grade levels.
  • Military Family Programs: Offers enriching teaching positions to military spouses and free STEM education to military communities, creating an environment that values overcoming challenges.
  • Rosie Innovators: Targets high school students, deepening relationships with young women and their families to maintain long-term engagement in STEM.
  • Hands-on STEM Kits and Events: For community organizations, these kits broaden our impact, sparking curiosity and innovation.

Impact Statement

Since our inception in 2016, we have had the privilege of serving over 20,000 participants, witnessing remarkable outcomes with 96% of our participants enjoying the program and 89% being inspired to further explore STEM.

What ways can the public get involved?

The generosity and commitment of Rosie Riveters volunteers has enabled our organization to engage and inspire tens of thousands of girls in STEM. Join us on our journey to change the face of STEM one girl at a time and register as a volunteer today!

All volunteers must complete a short volunteer questionnaire and classroom volunteers must undergo an electronic background check.

  • Help inspire girls in STEM as a classroom/STEM Night volunteer. 
  • Share your Career in STEM Story 
  • Help organize and prepare hands-on STEM projects.

How are charitable dollars spent? Where does my donation go?

Join us at Rosie Riveters and be part of inspiring the next generation of empowered women in STEM! Discover how you can support our mission and make a difference today.

  • $25: Inspire a girl with a hands-on STEM project, igniting her passion for exploration and innovation.
  • $100: Support a year of hands-on STEM learning for a girl, empowering her with critical thinking skills and confidence to pursue her dreams in STEM fields.
  • $500: Provide essential support for a community partner program (after-school clubs, Girl Scout troops, recenters, etc.), equipping girls with hands-on STEM kits to engage in immersive learning experiences beyond the classroom.
  • $2,000: Empower an entire grade level with a hands-on STEM project during the school day, fostering a culture of “productive struggle” and preparing girls for future challenges in STEM careers.

Connect with Rosie Riveters to explore opportunities beyond these levels, including support for military families, longitudinal STEM education research studies, school and district-wide outreach programs, STEM Days, and more! Email us at to connect and learn more.

Information provided April 2024