Piano & More

EIN: 38-4077902

Mission Statement

Piano & More’s mission is to provide our community with a fun and contemporary approach to education, opportunity, and events concerning the musical arts no matter the background.

Program Summary

Piano & More has been providing in-home private music lessons to students in Arlington since 2016 using a contemporary-based learning method and applying community events by partnering with local businesses and organizations to host events such as open mics and musical field trips.

A key initiative is our Piano Sponsorship Program, where we offer free private piano lessons and keyboards to children from low-income households. ​We partner with local schools and churches that nominate passionate students to our Sponsorship Program. ​Together, we can provide access to piano education and inspire the next generation of musicians. Help us harmonize their future!

Impact Statement

Most public schools do not provide piano education, so how do children from low income communities learn to play? Piano is not only a skill of the arts, but also one of math and psychology. It develops the heart and mind in more ways than one. It takes character, confidence, discipline and imagination to be a pianist.

We are utilizing our established partnerships with local public schools, churches and other organizations to further expand our piano sponsorship program. Since 2018, we’ve been able to invest over $30,000 into sponsor students nominated for the program. We’ve documented tremendous progress and pride in their development from outside sources such as their homeroom teachers and family members. We’ve even had one sponsor student stay in our program for about 4 years and is now playing advanced classical pieces! So many of these students are the first musicians in their families and wouldn’t have become musicians if it were not for the program.

What ways can the public get involved?

1) Become a student coordinator: help us connect piano teachers to more low-income students in your school/church/organization.

2) Become a Sponsor: directly sponsor a student’s private lessons and keyboard for $200 a month. There’s no better way to impact a student than via private lessons! We will send you progress reports and student updates along the way. Learn more about the program via our website and fill out the sponsorship form here: https://forms.monday.com/forms/e8f4b417e7c83e30aac78beacecc5829?r=use1

3) Donate: donate one time or anytime! One time donations help us further a sponsor student’s education, even after their funding has run out.

How are charitable dollars spent? Where does my donation go?

$200/month for 1 year or $2400 will provide one student with:

  • Piano Kit (keyboard, pedal, stand)
  • Music Books & Resources
  • Weekly Private 30 minute Lessons
  • Teacher Mentorship ​
  • 3 Way Support System (Homeroom or Music Teacher, P&M Teacher, & Parents)​
  • Free Participation to all P&M Events (Recitals, Open Mics, Music Field Trips)
An adult stands next to a child, who is proudly holding a keyboard to take home.

Information provided January 2024