OAR of Arlington, Alexandria and Falls Church

EIN: 54-1024562

Mission Statement

OAR is a community-based nonprofit organization that envisions a safe and thriving community where those impacted by the legal system enjoy equal civil and human rights. Through our Upstream work, we are confronting and dismantling individual racism and racism in the legal system and across all systems. Our Downstream work allows us to be on the journey with individuals of all genders returning from incarceration and their families. We also offer alternative sentencing options (including community service) and diversion programs so people can avoid the trauma of incarceration and instead help the community thrive. 

Program Summary

OAR Upstream:

Racial Justice + Liberation 

We lift the voices of Black, Indigenous, Latinx/e/o/a, Asian, and Mulitcultural (BILAM) people who have experienced racism and other intersecting forms of marginalization and challenge white people (WP) and those who have benefited from personal and systemic racism to become leaders in dismantling injustice and redressing the harm caused by personal racism. Efforts include facilitating multiple intensive virtual learning cohorts for community members and especially those working in law enforcement and the criminal legal system that address liberation and dismantling whiteness. 

OAR Downstream: 

Reentry Services 

We work with individuals at the Arlington County Detention Facility, the Adult Detention Center in the City of Alexandria, the closest Virginia state prison, and other correctional facilities who are preparing to return to the community and who come back to Arlington, Alexandria, and Falls Church. We also journey with their families before and after release. Our efforts in facilities include pre-release workshops focused on reentry issues, health and wellness, group psychotherapy, and transition planning. After release, we provide direct services (such as housing assistance, clothing, transportation, smartphones, laptops, debt repayment, and ongoing help with rent and other expenses), offer a comprehensive Employment Program, and facilitate an ongoing weekly virtual support group for program participants. OAR also established a pilot, gender-responsive, clinical services initiative providing a range of reentry services specifically tailored for individuals identifying as women/female/femme who are coming home to the community after experiencing incarceration. 

Alternative Sentencing + Diversion 

OAR works with Arlington County and the City of Falls Church Courts to provide alternative sentencing and diversion programs. OAR’s community service program allows individuals to do volunteer work in the community in lieu of jail time and fines, to work off their accrued court costs, and also pay court costs. OAR is implementing a Diversion program in partnership with the Vera Institute and Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney – Arlington County and the City of Falls Church with the goal of reducing recidivism as well as racial disparities amongst individuals sentenced to diversion programs. (by 20% each year) 

Impact Statement

OAR is a Collective, non-dominant, decolonizing, pro-Black, racially just, radically joyful, deeply loving, come as you are, liberated organization that puts participants first. We center authentic and fully engaged relationships with all members of the OAR community. Our goals include partnering with those who have experienced incarceration so they can create a safe reentry for themselves and preventing other individuals from enduring that trauma through alternative sentencing programs. With our upstream social justice work, we hope to spur the type of pro-Black racial justice activism that will help ensure that no one will need our social services and OAR no longer needs to exist 50 years from now. 

How are charitable dollars spent? Where does my donation go?

  • $50 – Provides a stipend to a child of an OAR participant impacted by incarceration 
  • $100 – Provides 1 month transportation/metro fare for OAR participant(s)
  • $250 – Cover ID retrieval for OAR participant(s) needed to secure housing 
  • $500 – Covers up to three months of coaching for an OAR participant(s)
  • $1,000 – Provides up to one month of rent for at least an OAR participant(s)
  • $2,500 – Provides up to 90 days worth of reentry services for OAR participant(s)

Information provided April 2024