Festival Argentino

EIN: 61-1598426

Mission Statement

Our mission is to foster cultural exchange by sharing the rich heritage of Argentina—including its music, cuisine, and traditions—with diverse communities in Arlington. We are committed to promoting volunteerism and supporting small businesses, all while nurturing global education opportunities for young people in Arlington, Virginia.

Program Summary

Our event, showcasing Tango and Folk performances on par with those at the Kennedy Center, offers accessible cultural enrichment with affordable admission prices. With 40% of our audience hailing from Argentina and 30% from Latin America, our festival significantly contributes to Arlington’s cultural diversity. As we strive for greater recognition through media outreach and historical dissemination, recent acknowledgment by the US Ambassador in Buenos Aires reaffirms our impact on international relations and cultural understanding.

Impact Statement

Our collaboration with the Argentine Embassy and Arlington County epitomizes our steadfast commitment to nurturing cultural exchange. Through meticulously curated programming, we have forged meaningful connections with diverse cultural, economic, and social groups in Arlington. From our modest origins with just 12 members in 1988, our annual National Day celebration has blossomed into a cornerstone event, attracting a dynamic audience of over 600 attendees. Renowned for its quality, our performances stand shoulder to shoulder with those staged at prestigious venues like the Kennedy Center, offering unparalleled cultural enrichment at an accessible price point

What ways can the public get involved?

Our Festival Argentino thrives at the Kenmore , serving as a vital platform for showcasing Argentine culture. Revenue from donation tickets sustains our cost-effective approach, supporting local businesses and enhancing the festival experience. Relocating would not only be financially burdensome but also disrupt the accessibility of our event to attendees. Given the economic repercussions of decreased arts funding, we advocate for restoring support to ensure the continued success of cultural initiatives. Restoring funding to its previous levels can preserve vital community assets, promote economic growth, and enrich the cultural vibrancy of Arlington. There are plenty of opportunities without leaving your home to explore new ideas for the festival and find resources like grants during the year. 

How are charitable dollars spent? Where does my donation go?

Due to the fact that we do not have sponsors financial one. The tickets are the only income. Therefore, our bylaws allow us to provide charity from 3-5 percent of our annual income. We usually done to an school in Argentina to pay for the scholarship of few students or maintance of the primary school. 

Information provided February 2024