EcoAction Arlington

EIN: 54-1094546

Mission Statement

EcoAction Arlington educates, advocates, and acts to create a sustainable community by improving our natural environment, encouraging environmentally-friendly behaviors, ensuring environmental justice, and addressing the climate crisis.

Program Summary

EcoAction Arlington engages an annual average of 900 volunteers in a range of service activities as well as 1,400 students and 300 adults in educational programs.

We provide regular opportunities for local residents to participate in stream cleanups, invasive plant removals, and storm drain markings designed to protect and restore the local environment. Our signature volunteer program, Energy Masters, trains volunteers in service to the community through outreach and in providing energy efficiency and water conservation improvements in affordable housing apartment buildings.

We engage residents in making tangible behavior changes for personal sustainability goals. Arlington County Tree Planting Program and the Tree Canopy Equity Program, offers free trees to private-property owners. In the last year, we planted 397 trees and 99 shrubs throughout the county. This includes 105 trees and 78 shrubs planted in our target TreeCanopy Equity Program neighborhoods which addresses the inequity in tree canopy coverage. 

Impact Statement

Vision: Everyone in Arlington is collectively engaged in creating a sustainable community.


  • Serving as stewards of the air, land, and water for current and future generations, acknowledging the historical role played by the original native peoples of this area
  • Reflecting the diversity of our county, and striving for equitable access to a healthy environment
  • Focusing on local grassroots efforts and solutions to deliver tangible results
  • Trusting science to guide our decisions and actions
  • Partnering, collaborating with, and engaging others to join in our shared mission of a sustainable community and planet

What ways can the public get involved?

We offer a wide variety of volunteer opportunities including, community clean-ups, training with our Energy Masters program, volunteering with APS students, advocacy work, and being a steward of the Arlington County environment. Our public facing events can be found:

Volunteers are also utilized for other projects that address the needs of the organization as well as their personal interests, like writing thank you notes to donors, or attending county meetings on behalf of EcoAction Arlington. If you want to help your local environment, EcoAction Arlington has an avenue for you to grow and thrive. 

How are charitable dollars spent? Where does my donation go?

Donations to EcoAction Arlington support our mission to educate, act, and advocate for a sustainable community. Your donation supports programing, outreach, and implementation.  

Information provided March 2024