CARE, Inc.

EIN: 54-1807476

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide and serve our clients with resources, education, enrichment and economic opportunities.  We do this for the disadvantaged and underserved, primarily serving and mentoring low-income, at-risk youth and families.  

We work with community partners and provide them with project/program management and support, fundraising events, technical skills and grant writing. 

Program Summary

Our programs and activities include the following:

  • Community Learning afterschool programs and camps that build collaborations through resources and education for those we serve with opportunities, apprenticeships, classes, workshops and retreats. 
  • Transitional Housing for disadvantaged groups of Single Parents, Seniors, Ex-Offenders and Youth to support and enrich them. 
  • Community Gardens and Farming to “Teach Men to Fish and Farm for a Living” to become self-sufficient.
  • Mobile Food and Concession Stands to provide opportunities for employment and income for economic development and our programs and partner needs.
  • Preserving the history in communities and engaging residents to learn more about how they can enrich their lives and their communities, by understanding their past.

Impact Statement

Underachievers who attend our programs find purpose and grow up with skills learned for a lifetime of living.  

Parents gain access to resources and programs that can meet their needs.  We engage them in community matters as volunteers and resources. 

Our programs created to serve youth are now modeled by others and offered in several communities.  

We work with partners and help them to be successful in delivering their programs and activities to those in need.  

Our youth are provided opportunities afterschool and outside of home that can lead them to learn skills and fulfill their goals in life. 

What ways can the public get involved?

CARE is primarily an organization served with volunteers.  We look for volunteers that want to share their knowledge and skills to enrich the lives of our customers.  Volunteers are needed to mentor, teach and chaperone.  Volunteers works with groups in our gardens and will be helpful in setting up and operating our Farmer’s market and selling goods and services.  No specific skills are required, just time and energy.  

We always welcome any donations and contributions of resources that we use in our programs and distribute to families in need.  We provide family time meals and snacks and refreshments in our programs afterschool and when we meet with parents.  

How are charitable dollars spent? Where does my donation go?

Donations help us to buy and provide school supplies for students, snacks afterschool, meals for family times and programs.  For programs we provide supplies that includes arts & crafts, healthy eating and incentives and awards.  Awards includes trophy’s, certificates, gift cards and gifts to recognize special achievements and accomplishments.  

Student scholarships are awarded to those who want to participate in organized sports, clubs and camps.  Sometimes we supplement fees that can be several hundred dollars for a summer camp.  Donations help to support our summer and afterschool programs with staffing when needed.  Transportation cost for field trips and admissions are needed for those we work with, that cannot afford to pay added cost.   

We use space and facilities that sometimes charges us fees and requires us to have insurance to cover any liability issues. 

Our programs and support for the communities we serve is based on donations, grants and in-kind services.   

Information provided April 2024