Arlington Partnership for Affordable Housing (APAH)

EIN: 54-1414133

Mission Statement

We exist to provide quality affordable housing and resident-centered programming to help our residents make the most of their home.

Program Summary

Our homes provide residents with the foundation to live their dreams. Our resident services program strives to propel residents’ efforts to achieve their personal and professional goals. Together, these programs strive to elevate residents across lower levels of economic status throughout our community.
Specifically, our resident services program is centered around a mission to provide assistance to all APAH residents and help them eliminate barriers to obtaining self-sufficiency. This is achieved through more targeted goals for four programmatic pillars: housing stability; economic mobility; health and wellness; and children, youth and families. Ultimately, it is our hope that APAH residents either break the cycle of poverty and their children have the academic and social capital to receive post-secondary education/training and acquire a family-sustaining job, or that adults are able to age in place in their apartment living a healthy, quality life in pursuit of their own professional and personal goals.

Impact Statement

APAH’s vision guides our work: Everyone deserves a place to call home – a foundation to live their dreams.
Our growing Resident Services program and regional real estate development projects positively impact the resilient, diverse populations that APAH serves.

What ways can the public get involved?

APAH accepts charitable and in-kind donations as a charitable nonprofit organization.
Volunteers are critical to APAH’s regular operations; they help with supplemental nutrition distribution, after-school activities, community-building events, and much more.
Neighbors and housing advocates can support local initiatives that advance affordable housing priorities in their communities.

How are charitable dollars spent? Where does my donation go?

Philanthropic funding at APAH supports our mission to provide affordable housing in the region and resident-centered programming to benefit those who call our communities home. APAH’s resident services program is funded entirely through philanthropic gifts like yours.

Information provided February 2024