Arlington Neighborhood Village

Mission Statement

To enable seniors to continue living safely, independently, and with an enhanced quality of life in their own homes and communities as they age by providing access to support services and social programs.

Program Summary

Arlington Neighborhood Village helps older adults age in place safely in their own homes by providing access to volunteer support and social connection. ANV’s Financial Aid Program exists to ensure seniors of all backgrounds and means can age in place within a vibrant, caring community.

ANV helps fill gaps in care for seniors aging in place. Over 285 trained and vetted volunteers provide the practical help and social support needed for successful aging in place. Volunteer-provided assistance like rides to medical appointments or the grocery store, errands, friendly visits, daily check-in calls, foodbank deliveries, and tech help make it easier for seniors to remain in their homes. ANV’s full social calendar and opportunities for connection help keep loneliness and social isolation at bay. ANV membership is open to adults 55+ in Arlington. ANV’s current membership is 400 members, ranging in age from 58 to 102. 74% of our members are female, 44% are 80+ years old, and 16% of members represent diverse backgrounds. 31% of members have challenges with mobility, hearing, or sight and 60% of ANV members live alone. 37% of village members are lower-income seniors and receive financial aid through ANV’s Discounted Membership Program.

Impact Statement

ANV is serving more older adults in Arlington, particularly a more diverse membership. Membership grew 20% in 2023 (from 328 to 393) and in the coming year, ANV projects that it will increase to 450, of which 160 will be lower income. ANV is exceeding its membership goals and fulfilling service requests that result in an increase in the number of seniors able to age-in-place safely, a reduction in social isolation among older adults, an increase in volunteerism and multigenerational connections, and a stronger social safety net for seniors. 

In 2023, services fulfilled grew from 3,260 to 4,075, a 25% increase. In 2023, ANV fulfilled 97% of  member requests. Of the 4,075 volunteer services provided: 1,764 were for transportation; 752 errands, 664 friendly visits, 510 household chores, and 218 tech coaching. The 25% increase in services provided over the prior year demonstrates a growing demand for ANV’s help for those who are aging in place.

What ways can the public get involved?

ANV seeks volunteers to provide a variety of services: provide rides, run errands, be a friendly visitor or walking buddy, help with home chores, tech help, and more. Volunteers also work behind the scenes helping manage the ANV Office, fundraise, oversee finances, plan events, recruit volunteers, and plan health and wellness programs. Volunteers serve on ANV’s Board of Directors. 

ANV seeks donations to fund its operations and support its Financial Aid Fund.

ANV is always looking for help to spread the word about the organization and the services it provides to older adults in Arlington. 

How are charitable dollars spent? Where does my donation go?

Donations fund ANV operations – staff that manage the office, case workers that interact with members and problem solve, costs to do background checks on volunteers, insurance coverage – donations support the ANV Financial Aid Fund. ANV relies on three types of support: donations, grants and membership fees. To make sure that no one is turned away due to ability to pay the membership fee, ANV maintains a restricted Financial Aid Fund that pays 80-100% of the membership fee of seniors with incomes less than $50,000. 

Information provided March 2024