Arlington Free Clinic

EIN: 54-1671883

Mission Statement

Arlington Free Clinic advances health equity by providing comprehensive, whole-person healthcare to our neighbors who would otherwise lack access.

Program Summary

AFC is a community-based, volunteer-driven nonprofit providing free, high-quality healthcare to Arlington County adults living with a low income and without insurance. AFC’s mission (updated January 2023) is to advance health equity by providing comprehensive, whole-person healthcare to our neighbors who would otherwise lack access. The pandemic brought to light stark health disparities among those we serve and other marginalized members of the community. But even before the events of the past three years, AFC had been consistently reimagining and reevaluating our role as it relates to equity – and how we might better understand and address barriers to unmet medical and non-medical needs. Our mission reflects our commitment to removing barriers to health and healthcare.  

Since 1994, we have been delivering patient-centered healthcare to approximately 1,400 of our community’s most vulnerable residents annually. With the help of roughly 450 volunteers and 45 full/part-time staff, AFC provides access to comprehensive, patient-centered services including women’s healthcare, primary/specialty medical care, behavioral health services, dental care, physical therapy, vaccines, and referrals to non-medical safety-net services such as food, housing, and transportation, which are essential to overall health and well-being.

Impact Statement

In FY23, AFC provided 9,372 visits to 1,376 unduplicated patients, including: 2,398 primary care, 2,139 specialty care (e.g., women’s health, physical therapy, oncology, etc.), and 2,962 dental appointments. We offered 652 behavioral health visits and held 715 social services case management appointments for needs assessment/referrals to resources “beyond the exam room” such as supplemental food and safe housing. We administered 876 vaccines (flu, pneumonia, etc.), and filled 22,269 prescriptions (30-day equivalency) through our onsite, licensed pharmacy. We provided access to 2,299 referrals for free imaging, procedures, screenings, and surgeries (e.g., colonoscopies, biopsies, MRIs, hip/knee replacements, etc.). All of this care was facilitated through 9,371 medical case management encounters by AFC clinical staff.   

What ways can the public get involved?

Volunteers provide hundreds of hours of service each year in varied medical and non-medical roles, such as interpreters, physicians, counselors, physical therapists, telehealth facilitators, patient eligibility/discharge specialists, fundraisers, and board members.  

Current patient care/support volunteer needs include:  

  • Gynecologists   
  • Mental health professionals who can prescribe/manage medications (psychiatrists, psychiatric nurse practitioners)  
  • Counselors (particularly Spanish-speaking)  
  • Rheumatologists  
  • Endocrinologists  
  • Urologists  
  • Spanish Interpreters with daytime and/or evening availability  
  • Exercise Instructors interested in leading classes via Zoom (Tuesday evenings)  
  • Dentists and Dental Hygienists  
  • Dental Assistants (must be bilingual so they can serve as interpreters during appointments)  
  • Medical Scribes  

Volunteers must commit to 1-2 shifts a month. Some appointments can be done via telehealth, and training is provided. For more information about volunteering, please contact AFC’s Volunteer Department at or visit our website:    We also welcome donations of items from our Amazon wishlist, which can be found at this link here: 

How are charitable dollars spent? Where does my donation go?

We receive no federal funding, but rely on private donations, foundation grants and the dedication and commitment of hundreds of volunteer doctors, nurses, and other medical/non-medical supporters since we opened our doors in 1994. Donations help us respond nimbly to community needs and continue to serve as a comprehensive healthcare home for those who would otherwise lack access. Specific examples of impact include: 

  • $40 pays for a blood pressure home monitor for one patient
  • $100 pays for exercise bands for 10 exercise class participants
  • $150 pays for 1-month of specialized drugs for a patient that we cannot get through our usual suppliers
  • $250 pays for a flu vaccine clinic for 50 patients  $250 helps pay for 10 patients to have an initial dental assessment 
A photo of a woman administering a blood pressure measurement for a patient.

Information provided February 2024