Arlington Food Assistance Center (AFAC)

EIN: 54-1473207

Mission Statement

We are an independent, community-based non-profit food pantry that provides dignified access to nutritious supplemental groceries to all our neighbors in need.

Program Summary

AFAC provides free groceries to Arlington residents in need at our warehouse on S Nelson St, at 15 other distribution sites around the county, and through a home delivery for home-bound individuals and families. We provide a choice of items including eggs, milk and other dairy products, fish, chicken, hot dogs, ground beef, fresh fruit & vegetables, cereals, beans, pasta, breads, pastries and a number of other items to choose from.

Impact Summary

Last year, AFAC served over 140,000 families who received food at one of our distribution sites.  All of our families are below 30% average median income – 30% more families than the prior year.  Our families are 53% Hispanic, 12% Black, 10% Caucasian and the remainder are a number of other minority groups.

What ways can the public get involved?

Individuals and families can help AFAC by volunteering in our warehouse, to assist in distributing food to our families, by collecting food for donation – over 1.5 million pounds of food is needed every year in addition to the 3.5 million pounds of food AFAC purchases every year.  Finally, AFAC receives no federal or state funds and must rely on financial donations from individuals to fulfill our mission.

How are charitable dollars spent? Where does my donation go?

All donated funds are allocated directly to AFAC’s food purchase budget to purchase groceries that will be distributed to individuals and families. AFAC purchases 60% of the groceries we distribute, at wholesale cost, from local and national distributors. In FY23, AFAC had a food purchase budget of $1,300,000. All donated food is checked thoroughly, sorted, and then distributed to AFAC’s families. 40% of the groceries AFAC distributes are donated through partnerships with local grocery chains, gleaning networks, farmers markets, community food drives, schools, corporate/walk-in donations, etc. AFAC distributes over 80,000 pounds of food each week to over 3,500 families in need.

Photo of AFAC's Shirlington distribution center

Information provided January 2024