AMG Fitness Foundation

EIN: 87-2574962

Mission Statement

AMG Fitness Foundation (AMG) elevates fitness resources for people with physical disabilities, through virtual at-home workouts and adaptive in-person fitness classes, and advocates for greater representation and inclusion in the fitness industry.

Program Summary

Unlike other fitness programming that is designed for most able-bodied people and offers some seated workouts, AMG is organized into three programs (Adapt, Move, and Gain) that are scaled for varying abilities, ensuring that every participant can find workouts that work for them. Utilizing Alyssa’s unique background as a Paralympic swimmer, 5+ years’ professional experience as an adaptive fitness trainer and personal trainer, and lived experience as a person with a disability, AMG’s program design is based on the level playing field implemented in the Paralympic system and industry best practices.

Impact Statement

AMG aims to help create a world where people with disabilities have access to an abundance of safe, effective, and affordable resources that support their mental and physical health and see themselves represented vibrantly in their communities and in the fitness industry.

What ways can the public get involved?

The public can get involved by participating in AMG’s virtual and in-person adaptive fitness programming, volunteering, donating, and spreading the word about our important work!

How are charitable dollars spent? Where does my donation go?

As a nonprofit organization, AMG relies on donations and strategic partnerships to support the development and implementation of our adaptive fitness programming. Charitable contributions help to ensure we can keep offering our programming free of charge to the community!

Information provided February 2024