Aaliyah in Action

EIN: 86-3555453

Mission Statement

Aaliyah in Action provides women, birthing people and families with tangible bereavement support, in the form of self-care packages and support books, after experiencing a perinatal, neonatal or infant loss.

Program Summary

Aaliyah in Action provides bereavement self-care packages, and support books, to families after experiencing perinatal or neonatal loss.  The care packages contain seven thoughtfully curated items, our “Self-Care Choice Board” which has small acts one can do each day and a bereavement guide providing low to no cost support groups or 1:1 support options. These items and books have been chosen to help support birthing people and their families in those first days of grief and loss: fuzzy socks, aromatherapy candle, recovery tea, lip balm, facial sheet mask and lavender shower steamers and Seeds of Hope to plant.  

Each package also includes a book, or books, to help support after loss.  Aaliyah in Action has a choice of two books for the birthing person, a book more appropriate for miscarriage or a book more appropriate for stillbirth or infant death.  Optional books, depending on the recipient’s needs, are a support book for non-birthing partners and/or a children’s book for living siblings.

In an effort to reach families who have experienced perinatal, neonatal or infant loss as soon as possible, Aaliyah in Action partners with hospitals who have our packages on hand to distribute when needed. Families can also request a package for themselves or a loved one, at no cost, to be sent as a support.

Impact Statement

Since launching in July 2021, Aaliyah in Action has provided over 1,300 self-care packages to families and has partnered with over 50 hospitals who have inventory of the packages to provide when needed. Feedback from hospital staff and package recipients prove that Aaliyah in Action is serving a neglected space and we look forward to continued growth and development to support more families.

What ways can the public get involved?

We’d love to have volunteers join us in making Aaliyah in Action packages in our warehouse space! We’re also looking for volunteers to help with social media and fundraising efforts. 

How are charitable dollars spent? Where does my donation go?

Equity is a core value of Aaliyah in Action – we will provide our support to any family who needs it, at any point in their grief journey. Less than 10% of our hospitals cover the cost of their packages. Hospitals maintain that, while our support is sought out and greatly needed, it is something they are unable to budget for. We will never deny a hospital partnership because that would be denying families this valuable support. Our donors mean the world to us because we are only able to grow our hospital network, and continually provide when called upon, because of them! 

$60 covers the cost of one Aaliyah in Action Self-Care Package + support books

$600 covers the cost of one hospital drop (10 packages + support books)

A collection of photos of the bereavement self-care packages, which include tea, face masks, lip balm and more.

Information provided February 2024