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Image The Power of Printers and Instant Pots: Extraordinary in the “Ordinary”

“How extraordinary the ordinary really is…”

– Cecelia Ahern

To most of us, a printer is nothing to write home about. But for Doorways – which creates pathways out of homelessness, domestic violence, and sexual assault – fulfilling their Wish Catalog wish for updated printers and technology in their shelters “means our clients have what they need to advance from shelter to housing” through job readiness training, housing and employment searches, and other essential services.

Now think about instant pots: Just one of the dozens of tools in your culinary rotation. While you look at it, and maybe think about how you forgot to buy the bay leaves again, to the Ethiopian Community Development Council (ECDC), “Safe and efficient cooking tools are a conduit for the empowerment of refugee women to provide for their families, while also ensuring they have time to manage other personal and familial responsibilities.”

Printers and instant pots have the power to change lives in ways most of us could never imagine… and these are just two of the 30+ wishes in the 2022 Nonprofit Holiday Wish Catalog.

We haven’t even talked about the power of gift cards, craft tables, and car rides yet. Featuring 30 Arlington nonprofits in one place, the 2022 Wish Catalog served as a guide to learning more about these “ordinary” needs, that when fulfilled, serve and empower our community in extraordinary ways.

In 2022, the Wish Catalog raised over $100,000 for local nonprofits.