Giving without borders

Initiatives to promote economic mobility and to support our social safety net in Arlington drive much of the work we do at Arlington Community Foundation. We are steadfast in mobilizing resources to address challenges and opportunities right here in our community and in supporting our local nonprofits.

What many do not know is that we support donors in exploring and accomplishing their philanthropic goals irrespective of geographic boundaries.

In recent months, we have worked with donors to pursue varied interests and priorities including:

  • >> Preserving and revitalizing ocean habitats and rescuing endangered species
  • >> Funding need-based scholarships at an alma mater
  • >> Creating educational opportunity for students in a developing country
  • >> Supporting national organizations focused on a range of issues from social justice to the arts to medical research

We are here to serve as a resource and a partner for you and your clients seeking to create a plan for charitable giving that reflects their values and interests. Some clients may need support in narrowing their focus to have greater impact on fewer organizations. Others may want help in identifying nonprofits serving a particular area of interest. An increasing number of clients, especially those who are Gen X and younger, may be looking to align charitable giving with advocacy strategies to achieve public policy impact.

At the Community Foundation, we are ever curious about the myriad of ways to make our world a better place, and we are always learning and sharing what we know with donors.

We make it our business to understand local issues within the context of regional, national, and global trends. 

We expand our knowledge through relationships with national funders, and we are fortunate to have a ready resource in hundreds of community foundations nationwide. Whether your clients want to influence national public policy or make a difference right in their own neighborhood (or both), we are here to serve as your team of experts.

If you have any questions related to the Community Foundation, charitable giving, or something client-specific, we’d love to hear from you. Send us an email at