Examples of Our Policy Work

The Shared Prosperity Initiative engages leaders from the business, government, and nonprofit sectors to identify opportunities to mitigate displacement of low-income residents and allow these residents to continue to contribute to Arlington’s economic viability and diverse community fabric. We do this through a combination of policy analysis, advocacy, demonstration pilots, and striving to attract major resource investments into our three target areas aimed at the lowest income residents: deeply affordable housing, childcare, and living wage/workforce pathways.

You can find examples of our policy work below. If you have questions about our policy work, the Shared Prosperity Initiative, or Economic Mobility in Arlington, please contact our Director of Grants and Initiatives Anne Vor der Bruegge.

Housing for 30% AMI Households in Arlington (March 2021)

Why Arlington’s Low-Income Residents are Being Displaced
and Why it Matters (Published 2019, updated 2021)

Moving From Homelessness to Stability:

Committed Affordable Housing for people making 30% of Area Median Income is crucial (December 2021)

Shared Prosperity: Child Care Recommendations (Nov 2021)

Shared Prosperity: Status Report on Affordable Housing Ordinance Review (Nov 2020)

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