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Image Why the Foundation

Whether you are interested in general charitable giving, supporting Arlington youth or establishing a fund to honor a loved one, the Foundation can help you establish a charitable fund or scholarship to support your interests.

The Foundation makes it easy to start a fund or establish a scholarship.

Start with a minimum initial investment of $2,000.

Solicit donations or make additional deposits to your fund. These can be cash, stocks, mutual funds, real estate, insurance policies and tangible personal properties.

Here are five reasons to set up a charitable fund with the Foundation:

  • The Foundation offers the highest level of tax benefits for charitable giving.
  • The cost to set up a charitable fund with the Foundation is low.
  • Establishing a charitable fund with the Foundation is easier and less expensive than creating a private charitable foundation.
  • The Foundation can suggest ongoing uses for your gift – targeting the issues you care about the most.
  • There is no annual deadline for deciding which causes to support.

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Contact Jennifer Owens at 703.243.4785 or for more information.

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