Prompt Response

2009 - 2010 Grant Recipients

Arlington Education and Employment Program (REEP)

Purpose: Seven scholarships for individuals to receive intensive English language training. Scholarship recipients, chosen through a lottery, will study English 4 nights a week from January 5-March 26. Each scholarship represents up to 120 hours of instruction.


Purpose: To work intensively with 20 low-income students in grades 2-5 who are reading at least one grade level below their current grade and are in danger of falling further behind each year.

Trinity Episcopal Church

Purpose: To cover the cost of art supplies such as easels, pencils, canvas, paper, paint etc. for art classes that will be offered at the church on Saturday mornings. Cynthia Gilmour, a professional artist, has agreed to volunteer her time for the program and the church will provide free space for the 12 students that will be recruited from Hoffman Boston Elementary.

Arlington Street People's Assistance Network (A-SPAN)

Purpose: A-SPAN is seeking $1000 to cover the cost of an industrial sized  washer and dryer to compensate for an increase in laundry needs. The organization has gone through 3 times the number of towels and laundry detergent and can no longer meet the urgent laundry needs with the one washer and dryer in the facility.

Before approaching the Foundation they attempted to get a washer and dryer donated directly but could only secure a discounted price. Chris Milliken was one of three board members to vote on this request. She suggested fully funding both the washer and the dryer for ASPAN in order to meet their current needs, with $1,000 coming from the Prompt Response Fund and $1,000 coming from the Fund for Arlington. This suggestion was supported by Michael Timpane and Fernanda Howard.

Abingdon Elementary School

Purpose: To cover the cost of renting a space at the Knights of Columbus Hall in order to host an assembly featuring Luis Gara Percussion World. Both the guitar and Spanish classes would be able to attend. The request is deemed as urgent since the Yorktown auditorium, where events are normally held, is going to be demolished. The only other place they could hold the event would require additional funds to transport students. The Knights of Columbus have kindly agreed to lower the rental charges from $1,500 to $200, which is what they are requesting.

 St. George's Food Pantry

Purpose: Due to an increase in clients needing the services of the food pantry St. George's has a budget shortfall.  The extra funds are needed to insure that the pantry can stay open 5 days per week and serve the increasing number of clients coming in for assistance. 

Wakefield High School

Purpose: Summer school registration fees for ten ESL students

Leadership Arlington

Purpose: The grant will cover the remaining costs of the Leadership Arlington Youth Program, a two-week summer program designed to enhance the leadership skills and awareness of the value of philanthropy, community service, and civic participation in young people. 

Washington-Lee High School Counseling Services Department

Purpose: This grant will send one counselor to the National Association for the Education of Homeless Children and Youth Conference from November 14-17th in Denver, CO. One counselor representative would return with information which will be shared with W-L staff and with other high schools in the area.

Project Peace

Purpose:  This grant will support their campaign to educate Arlington women about domestic violence.

H-B Woodlawn Middle School Chorus

Purpose: This grant will support the chorus' participation in the Crescent City Choral Festival in New Orleans. The grant will provide financial assistance for students who cannot afford the price of the trip.

Arlington Street People's Assistance Network (A-SPAN)

Purpose:  This grant will be used to purchase a washer and a dryer for A-SPAN's Emergency Winter Shelter.

Postpartum Support Virginia

Purpose: The grant will fund a presentation to educate Arlington's OB/GYN community about perinatal mood and anxiety disorders so they can better assess and treat these disorders in their patients.

Bonder and Amanda Johnson Community Development Corporation

Purpose: The grant will help purchase materials, staff time and evaluation for a series of health seminars for the senior residents in Nauck. The first seminar on January 26th will focus on updated information on breast cancer research and proper timing for mammograms.