Bequest Language

Make a Difference in Our Community Forever

Making a bequest in a will or revocable living trust to the Arlington Community Foundation is a simple way to donate and it can also help to reduce inheritance taxes. Some highly taxable assets, such as retirement plans, often make sense to donate to charity while leaving other assets to loved ones.  Any percentage, part or component of estate or trust assets can be left to the Arlington Community Foundation and we are very grateful for each and every gift, small or large. You should consult with your estate attorney.

Sample bequest language to include in your will or trust is:

I hereby give and bequeath to the Arlington Community Foundation, a qualified charitable organization, or its successor organization, also a qualified charitable organization, 818 N. Quincy Street, Suite 103, Arlington, VA 22203, Federal Tax ID# 54-1602838, a bequest of _____________________________________________________ (describe a percentage of your estate, a fixed amount of money or designated real or personal property, or the residue of your estate).

If you are considering making a bequest gift to the Arlington Community Foundation, we invite you to call us to discuss the process at (703) 243-4785. You should also speak with your estate attorney.