Starting a Fund

Why Start A Fund With Arlington Community Foundation? 

Your Fund Will Benefit the Community - at the Arlington Community Foundation, we will assist you in directing your fund to the charitable field you are most interested in. The Arlington community has many needs that your fund could help address. The contributions from your fund will provide major assistance, solve problems, and indirectly benefit everybody in the community.

Tax Benefit- As a public charity, the Arlington Community Foundation offers the highest level of tax benefits for charitable giving. You will receive an immediate tax deduction the year the gift is made, before you even have to decide on the disbursement and beneficiaries of your fund. You may contribute cash, publicly traded and closely held stock, mutual funds, real estate, insurance policies, or tangible personal property and receive the maximum tax benefit according to Internal Revenue Service rules.

Perpetuity- By starting a fund with the Arlington Community Foundation, you can build a legacy through giving. Your contributions will forever impact the community and be remembered by the beneficiaries.

Simple and Professional- Starting a fund with Arlington Community Foundation requires minimal paperwork. We will cater the time needed to set up a fund to your needs. Every fund is professionally and actively managed while invested in a diverse portfolio that allows for asset growth and security of principal.

Assurance- A Finance and Investment Committee oversees the investment of the Foundation's assets while a Community Investment Committee reviews all competitively awarded grant applications and makes recommendations to the board for final approval. A local Board of Trustees comprised of 28 community and business leaders sets policy and approves all grants. Donors who establish named funds receive periodic reports on their fund's progress showing additions to the fund, income earned, and grant payments made. A yearly independent audit by a certified public accountant ensures fiscal responsibility.

How to Start a Fund with Arlington Community Foundation

 Starting your own fund can be done in 7 simple steps:

1. Identify your charitable purpose. To whom would you like to give?

2. Decide what type of fund you want to open.

3. Name your fund.

4. Designate the advisors of your fund.

5. Sign a governing document.

6. Choose an investment option for your fund.

7. Make your gift.

To learn more about ACF, visit our website at or call us at 703-243-4785.

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